My Life

Well who is Bryan Polozola?  Check out my Facebook Profile first.  Secondly, the theme song to define my life is definitely “I’m still standing” by Jaron Egerton.


I have two siblings – a twin brother and an older sister.  My parents have been married over 50 years, emulating what a strong, respectful relationship should look like.  They have always been my emotional, spiritual, and loving supporters.

I am a father of four beautiful children who make my life complete, and yes, definitely hectic at times.  At any given moment, you can find Star Wars paraphernalia, clothes & toys, sprinkled throughout our home.  I enjoy the periods of boisterous laughter and activity coming from my children, as well as the sounds of silence when I am alone with my thoughts or my work.  But at my core, my main focus as a husband and a father is providing a home and safe haven for my entire family.

My Interests:


My love for baseball started at birth. The first thing my father gave me was a baseball and it was the backbone that kept the Polozola family together. My uncles, cousins, father, and brother all played the great game. We played the spring season, the summer season, and through the fall and winter as well — there was never a time we did not play. My brother and I even played at Benedictine College. I continued to play after college in an adult amateur league while I lived in Houston. Baseball has brought many challenges, losses, successes, victories, hurdles, and lifetime friends. However, the most important impact baseball has had on my life has been the ability to learn how to work hard to achieve a singular and common goal. And now, it has come full circle and it is so awesome to be able to share the love for the game with my own children.

Amateur Poker

I joined the Amateur Holdem’ League and began playing poker for recreation.  Playing poker in offers me a great way to spend time staying connected with my old friends while at the same time allowing me to bring new friends into my life. Poker was all the rage in the early 2000s, so plenty of amateur poker leagues developed. I have played since about 2007. Here in Dallas, I play in the Amateur Holdem’ League. There is never any money on the table, and frankly the only money that changes hands is if you buy a drink or meal. I can’t say I am the next Poker Champion, but that’s not the point. Playing poker has offered me plenty of new friends from all walks of life and all ages and all beliefs. To this day, I have great friends from my poker experiences, friends who I absolutely cherish.

Scuba Diving

My bucket list dream is to own a scuba diving shop in the Caribbean during retirement that I can share with family and friends. There is nothing else in life that can get me as excited as diving. There is an amazing feeling when you are under water with only your thoughts and the sounds of bubbles surrounded by all kinds of under-water life. It allows you enjoy and respect God’s creations. Where else can you see an eagle ray just floating by over a 6,000 feet blue abyss? Seriously, there is nothing better a human can enjoy, in my opinion anyway. People always ask, beach or mountains. I will always take the water. Whether it is warm oceans or cold lakes, give me a bcd and a regulator any day!


Whether it’s weekend breakfasts or grilling out, I always find it so enjoyable to cook for my wife, mother-in-law, and children and hear them rave about my cooking. Everyone wants an “American Breakfast” on Saturday mornings. So I load up the tocino, salchicha, huevos, and panqueques for my half Venezuelan/half Texas family to enjoy. Leftovers – not a chance! But a mid-morning nap, you can count on that from everyone! But if you think the thought of breakfast sounds delicious, ask my daughter Quinn what her favorite meal of mine is. She will scream at you “Daddy’s burgers!!!” She must be spoiled by my secret sauce, and I only use a certain kind of beef and buns. But nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than watching my entire family absolutely demolish all the food I make for them!